Dora Vukicevic-Hellström

Dora Vukicevic-Hellström
Bro Ekes 200, 621 73 Visby
073 046 9062

I am a digital and traditional freehand artist with many versatile inspiration sources and particular love for changing and explore new drawing/painting techniques. Being a huge science fiction fan, I've done numerous comics and illustrations for books, games and similar, among other things exhibited them at European SF Convention and I'm still fanatically reading science fiction novels. Therefore my traditional works always verge on surrealism and edge of consciousness and dream, often even the darkest nightmares. As I've been schooled specifically for art (and art theory) since high school, it was requested from us to always play with influences and research new styles, which I continued to do so till this day. During college I studied traditional graphics (intaglio techniques) where I dedicated my expression to black and white abstraction and depictions of big industrial machines, which I still enjoy occasionally but in a smaller format. I'm fascinated by industry, machinery and airplanes since childhood. After college new inspirations emerged, beasts - hybrids made of humans and animals (not the mythological creatures, more like nightmare creatures) and organic abstractions, inspired with H.R. Giger and pioneers of Japanese cyberpunk such is Masamune Shirow. After that I completely turned to miniature painting in bright colors and afterwards to comics, I guess because years of dark styles and nightmares took their toll, or I just got bored with it. After going through that circle I settled myself with mild and amusing surrealism with same intention as always - playing with form, line, trace, composition, communicating with sheer aesthetic principles and creating visual game. I do use less of line and a bit more color lately, maybe because I moved to Gotland a year ago and I'm trying to counteract the lack of sunlight. Besides regular painting and drawing, exploring and creating, my latest interest is tattooing which I'm now performing on fake skins and enjoying the play of linework once again. My everlasting digital interests are psychedelic ornamentation and cyberpunk.

First right turn after Bro Bilskrot, about after third pole (I will put a sign). There is a big lawn as a parking but be careful when turning since the cars behind never seem to have understanding for the person turning there. Google maps will properly lead you to Bro Ekes 200.